My Secret Skin Weapon

For the first time in my life I am experiencing near perfect skin and it feels amazing! I’ve always had a battle with blemishes. Not pizza face style battles but battles all the same. I’ve literally tried everything only to find those remedies to be only temporary solutions. In fact, you’ve probably read about them all on here because I get excited when I think I’ve found the answer. Well now I can say with confidence that I have found the answer. It took a trip to the dermatologist and a prescription to get it but I got it.

You see, I have never been to a dermatologist and it was recommended to me that I take a visit. I went to Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald in to see whats what. PS- nearly impossible to get an appointment with this woman, so book far in advance. I was told that my skin wasn’t that bad and a topical ointment would do the trick. I was prescribed Atralin, a Retin-A getl. I was told my skin would get worse before it got better but to hang in there.


So I started taking it and as warned my skin did go through some growing pains. Severe dry patches (the only thing that got rid of them is Chanel Hydramax + Active gel cream), redness, and the feeling that my face was on fire. Don’t I sound like one of those awesome prescription medication commercials? I was tempted to bail but I kept on keepin on. It was so worth it. 12 weeks in I really started to notice a change. My skin was clearer, the redness and peeling subsided, life was good.

Today I have been using the product for six months and I actually get compliments on my skin! Not to mention that Retin-A is great for wrinkle removal and prevention. My skin is all healthy and young looking. So if you have trouble with acne, I would talk to your dermatologist about this magical gel. Definitely changed my face.

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