Chanel Fantasy Fur Booties

There is a slight chance I will be without groceries this week but there is a 100% chance that I will be wearing a fierce pair of Chanel fur booties come winter time. Yes, I am totally aware that my priorities are messed up.

It all happened so suddenly.  Here I was in the middle of nowhere on the way to vacation when an unassuming outlet mall popped up. Clearly I had to investigate. After being on the road for 8 hours with nothing but dead grass and factory farms, seeing a store was like finding water in the middle of the desert. There was a tiny little Saks outlet. I went inside. There was obviously nothing good in there but all of a sudden my Chanel radar went off. Seriously, I’ve had a serious Chanel radar thing happening lately. I felt it in the shoe department and wandered over. To my surprise, there was one pair of black fur fantasy booties in my size!! The shoes are ridiculous (in the best way possible). They are black fur with an iceberg heel. Amazing! They were also on sale. Could I possibly resist? I did. I left the store empty handed.

I made a couple of calls and was told that I was crazy for not getting those boots. Gotta love my support system. I couldn’t get the shoes off of my mind. Then divine shoe intervention. A coupon arrived in my inbox. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to see if the shoes were still there on the way back from vacation.  So I went back and the shoes were still there. One problem, the coupon wasn’t active until the next day. Dang it! Well clearly the shoe gods were shining upon me because the cashier let me use the coupon a day early and gave me a little bonus % off. Yay!

Here are my shoes. They are so fab. I wish I could wear them now …

chanel fur booties black

chanel black fur fantasy booties

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