Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

While I was in New York last week, it was all business (plus a small bit of shopping) and not much time for anything else. There was one thing that I just had to make time for and that was the Alexander McQueen exhibit at The Met. I zipped over on the way to airport, hoping that those 2-hour long lines were just a rumor. Those lines were not a rumor but I found a work-around. For just a couple bucks more you can get a membership to The Met, which lets you bypass the line. Hello!

So worth it. The exhibit was absolutely breathtaking. Alexander McQueen was a genius! Seeing the clothing online and the ready-to-wear at the store doesn’t do him justice. Some of the pieces in the exhibit were insane. Like, bringing a tear to my eye insane. And you know I had to keep it real at the gift shop afterwards. I got the book (amazing), postcards, magnets, the calendar, and the most fabulous shoe ornament ever!!

I (well, not really) managed to snap a few pictures before being busted by museum security. Here are a few of my favorites. You can see more pics here.

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