My New Accidental Haircut


I have always had a pretty rough relationship with my hair. It’s been that way ever since I was a child. I’ve been living with thick, wavy/curly, dry, and unmanageable for pretty much my entire life. Because I can’t accept my hair the way it is, I go through all sorts of things to make it different. I cut it, I dye it, and I relax it … pretty regularly. I like change when it comes to my appearance and I like to stand out a bit.  So the last time I visited the salon, I wanted something different. I got a haircut and a dye job. I had my hair cut shorter on the sides and the back and longer on the top. The top was dyed jet black and the sides/back were dyed blue. Like Marge Simpson blue. To achieve that color, my hair had to be stripped of all its color then dyed blue. The end result was pretty fierce in my opinion. I loved it!

About two weeks into this new look, possibly three weeks, my hair was getting a little crazy. It was clearly time for my every-2-month relaxer. I was worried that the blue and black dye would come out, so I went to the store and bought supplies to re-dye it after I was finished relaxing. I told a few people about my plan and no red flags were raised. I even purchased the relaxer and the dye together at the same beauty supply store and nobody batted an eye.

What occurred next was something I was not ready for at all … Let’s just say, I never got to re-dye my hair. When I went to wash my relaxer out, my hair came with it. Thankfully not all of my hair, just the sides and the back. I won’t lie — this was a tearful experience. I looked like a hot mess!!! My hair felt like a Brillo pad a twirl of cotton candy had a love child. Every time the wind blew, more hair came out. There was only one solution, to shave it off.

A very talented hair stylist friend (he works with major celebrities) came over to help (after two days of me wearing a beanie in 80 degree weather).  He saved me down. Way down. I was traumatized for the first few days but after that I just let that shit go and walked around in public with my bald self.  And you know what? Something miraculous happened …

EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER LOVED MY HAIR! Seriously, I got an unprecedented number of compliments.  Like, 3 people a day were stopping me on street to compliment my hair. Perhaps this little hair snafu was really meant to be. So right now, I am rolling with it. In fact I just shaved down the new growth the other day.

Here is what it looks like (this is Rhianna, I don’t have an decent pics of me to share right now):




3 thoughts on “My New Accidental Haircut”

  1. Me too! You’re gorgeous so I’m sure you look fab. I’m tempted to cut my hair right now as I’m so bored with my look so this has kind of inspired me to try something new.

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