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Yesterday I made my first ever trip to Green Line Beauty on Melrose Ave. I was running out of my skincare/ beauty essentials and I had a $100 gift certificate to use. So clearly it was my lucky day!  The store is awesome. It’s a tiny little shop next to M Cafe (where I got a delicious kale lemonade) packed full with all sorts of organic goodies. Here is what I got …

Sircuit X-Trap: Daily gentle face wash 4 oz. / $38.00 – I was running out of my Tea Tree Oil Face wash by Evan Healy that I have been using regularly for the past 6 months or so. I was hoping to find that brand at Green Line but I didn’t- so I decided to try something new. Um, I love this stuff!! I used it last night and today after yoga. It smells great, feels great, and it has Zeolite in it! I actually take Zeolite orally so finding it in a face was awesome. Zeolite is an anti-pollutant that help capture impurities so they are completely rinsed away when you wash your mug.

sircuitxtrapDevita Natural Skin Care Solar Protective Moisturizer 30 2.5 oz/ $31.99– I was also running low on sunscreen, which I can never let myself run out of. I wear sunscreen everyday!! Its a must to keep my dark spots away and to keep myself looking all fresh and young! This stuff isn’t thick or greasy, its wonderful — especially for daily use under your cosmetics.

31nxa6m02vl_aa300_Weleda Skin Food, 2.5 oz/ $19.99- I am sure I’ve written about this lotion before … its the best EVER!! This is my go-to moisturizer for my hands and feet. Nothing else works. I used this until I can’t possibly squeeze another drop out. This stuff isn’t cheap (for hand lotion) but its worth every penny.

41rma6x-9kl_aa300_Jane Iredale Eye Liner – Liquid Eye Liners $20.00– I can never have enough black eyeliner and shockingly I was running low on this too. This stuff goes on super-super smooth. The black doesn’t go on as black as I’d like, so I layer a few specs of gel liner on top. Overall I am pretty pleased with this product, my eyes look pretty fierce today.



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