Extreme Savings … Runway Style!

Have you all seen that show on TLC called Extreme Couponing? If you haven’t, you must because I LOVE that show!! This weekend I decided that I am that show but for fashion. Paying retail is criminal behavior to me. Why? Because I know in most cases with a little bit of patience you can get the same exact product for way, WAY cheaper (like 80-90% off cheaper).  This weekend I proved myself so right at the Neimans and Saks outlets in Orange, CA.

It was actually my lucky day because 1.) I was being taken on a shopping spree for dominating so hard at work and 2.) there were some major sales happening (extra 40-50% off the lowest marked price).  I won’t tell you exactly how much was spent (my savings was around 85%. You can do the math if you want) but I can tell you that I got around $20,000 worth of merchandise for a mere fraction of the price. I mean a MERE fraction. Here is what I got …


lanvin runway dress

This dress is SO sick!! I was turning heads when I walked out of the dressing room. The back of this dress has jewels lining the exposed zipper. The best part about this buy is that I wanted this dress when I saw it at the Barney’s trunk show last year. I clearly couldn’t afford the $3,065 price tag. I won’t tell you how much I got it for but I can tell you that there was no comma in the price tag!

lanvin cut out booties

I also lucked out and got the shoes that accompanied the runway look. One of the dudes that worked a Neimans grabbed these from the back. There was only one pair and it was in my size. Swoon.

lanvin trousers

These trousers are to die for! Mine are a wooly type of material and look all cutesy and newsboy like. They fit perfectly too!! I just need them hemmed. I could do the roll-up but I am thinking an ‘I Love Lucy’ cropped pant situation is in order.

Dries Van Noten:

dries van noten beaded jacket

I fell in love with this jacket!! I tried it on, loved it, left it, and turned around and went back for it. Its hard to tell from the picture buts an an amazing hand beaded jacket that weighs about 3 tons.  The original price was over $4,000 but again my final price didn’t even come close to having a comma in it.

dries leopard and floral print dress

Florals and leopards should always be friends! This is another dress that I had been stalking for months and months.  Now thanks to patience and mad skills, this baby is all mine.

dries tribal print skirt

Summertime Lauren is all about tribal prints! I got a Dries skirt almost identical to this runway version. Can’t wait to wear it with some of my new J. Crew jewelry.


I can’t find a picture of it but I was totally having a Dries moment and found a great tribal print tee shirt from the Spring collection. Its like a combination of the images above 🙂

Stella McCartney:

stella mccartney sequin cardigan

I’ve become cardigan obsessed! I wear my Comme des Garcons cardi almost everyday and if I’m not wearing that one, I’m alternating between my Cavalli and my Cardigan brand cardi.  Now I have another one to throw in the mix! I wore this on Sunday and everyone was freaking out over it.


givenchy black leggings

It’s really hard to see the detail on these but they are sick in person. So sick that I am getting them altered to fit me perfectly … they didn’t have my exact size.


celine beaded bodysuit

I’ve never been much of a bodysuit girl but it when its this one from Celine … I am. It is amazing!! The front is completely beaded and the back is sheer. Definitely excited to create some looks around this piece.


marni sequin skirt

The version of the skirt that I took home is obviously more skirt-like than the runway pic. The one I got is a perfectly precious pencil skirt that bubbles out slightly at the top and is covered in that sequin trimmed circle pattern. It’s the perfect statement skirt.


chloe chain waist skirt

This one actually came from Loehmanns but I had to throw in this post for good measure. The waistband is so hardcore and weighs like 20lbs. Definitely have to mess around with some styling ideas before I take this skirt out on the town but the price was right and it has pockets!!

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