Decorating My Stylist Studio

A few months ago, okay 8 months ago, I turned my second bedroom into a styling studio. I couldn’t be happier with the additional work space. The room gives plenty of space to create looks and to have clients over for fittings.

Right now the room is functional; it has clothing racks, a mirror, and some gridwall for displaying finished looks but that’s about it.  The room is seriously lacking in the design department. For the past 8 months I have been compiling inspiration and now I am ready to start the decorating process.

Here are some of the photos I’ve been looking at for inspiration …

wardrobe room 1

wardrobe room 2

wardrobe room 3

wardrobe room 4

reveriewardrobe room 6

wardrobe room 7

wardrobe room 8

wardrobe room 9

wardrobe room 10

wardrobe room 11

2 thoughts on “Decorating My Stylist Studio”

  1. One day I hope to have an empty bedroom to do this. My aunt and uncle converted two of their bedrooms into dressing rooms when their kids moved out. I love all your inspiration photos. Please share photos of your finished product when your room is complete.

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