Barneys Sale! Sweet Jewelry Finds

Today marked the first day of the Barneys Spring Sale and in true shopping-addict form, I was there. Believe it or not I was there for a purpose. No I wasn’t shopping for a client (that would have been a sensible purpose). I was there to shop for jewelry (a non-sensible purpose).  The reason being is that the jewelry never seems to makes it past the first markdown and I wanted first dibs. What was on my list was a pair of Fallon earrings and a Fallon ring. When I got to the jewelry counter, they had both pieces but the ring wasn’t in my size 🙁 I also had a skull necklace from Pamela Love on my list. The Pamela Love pieces weren’t on sale but I knew I had to strike before the pieces were sold out and never to be seen again.

I tired on a few other fantastic pieces of jewelry but the frugal angel on my shoulder reminded me that rent was due.  Here is what I ended up getting …


Fallon Future Compass Hoop Earrings


Pamela Love 16 Skull Necklace


I’m totally in love with both pieces!! The earrings are great, especially with my new shorter than usual hair cut and the skull necklace just spoke to me … It’s got a voodoo-esque feeling that I just love for spring. Definitely going to wear that skull necklace with some of the new Dries Van Noten pieces that I got at Neimans.

And if for some freak reason this piece is still at Barneys for the next round of markdowns, I will be adding it to my collection too. It looked amazing on but the “rent is due” voice of reason kept me from purchasing. Thank you, voice.

Annie Costello Brown Oceanus Necklace

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