Who Knew? J. Crew Has Cool Jewelry!

In case it isn’t obvious … I’m not really a J. Crew type of girl. There is nothing wrong with J. Crew but it really doesn’t fall in line with my personal style. However, I do shop for my clients at J. Crew from time to time and I noticed that J. Crew kind owns in the jewelry department. I sometimes have a difficult time finding inexpensive jewelry that doesn’t look totally cheap-ass. However during my last trip to J. Crew I managed to find some great pieces that look way more valuable than what their price tag reads.

Here are a couple of my favorites (that are also residing in my jewelry box right now) …







One thought on “Who Knew? J. Crew Has Cool Jewelry!”

  1. hey Lauren – I came across your blog and I wanted to congratulate you. You’ve clearly found your niche and it’s great to read.

    As I looked through the archives I realized we have some common ground (beyond your new hairstyle – pics?) and I thought I’d invite you to check out our shopping site: dozoco.com …email me your comments

    Bill L

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