I Heart CHANEL Beauty

For the past year and a half I’ve only been using all natural/organic beauty products, which has been great … BUT there has been some drawbacks. The issues I have found have been in the following places; foundation, lipstick and recently skincare (face moisturizers specifically).

I’ll start with foundation. I’ve tried a zillion and I haven’t been able to find one that looks natural. Even when I leave the beauty counter after the makeup artist has done me up, it still isn’t perfect. Lipstick is another area. Natural lip glosses are great and I will continue to use those but lipstick is another story … the colors just aren’t fashion forward enough and they tend to be drying.  Then there are facial moisturizers, this has never been an issue for me until I started on a Retinoid to clear up my whack skin. The Retinoid works like a dream but its given me a mean case of cobra face.  I have yet to find a natural skincare remedy to solve it.

A few weeks back I was in Nordstrom doing a pull for a client. While I was waiting for my paperwork to be written up, I wandered around the beauty department. I was quickly snatched up by a CHANEL makeup artist. I told her that I really wanted to try a bolder lip color because I was growing tired of my Burt’s Bees chapstick look. She started playing with my lip color and asked if I had time for a mini-makeover. I said, “sure why not?”

I told her about my skin issue and she quickly applied Chanel’s Hydramax- Active Moisture Gel-Cream. This stuff feels AMAZING!! My skin must have been thirsty for some luxury and some non-natural ingredients. She then followed up with Teint Innocence Compact with SPF 10 and dusted me with Poudre Universelle Compact Natural Finish Pressed Powder.  And then (what I came in for) some lipstick. She applied Chanel Rogue Coco Shine in Rebelle. Best lipstick ever! So moisturizing and the color is fast becoming my signature.

chanel hydramax active

This stuff is pure gold! Also, a bit hard to find in stock. I had to go to more than one store to buy a bottle.

chanel foundationAhhhmazing!! People literally ask me if I’m wearing makeup. That NEVER happens!! Only issue I have is the amount that comes in the container. I will have to drop major coin every other month on this stuff.

chanel powderThis finishing powder is great. It’s like the icing on the cake.

chanel rogue cocoI HAVE to get this in a few more colors. So moisturizing and the color goes on amazingly well.

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