Lauren’s Top 10 Fashion Websites

My laptop serves me in the following ways: to check email, to look at fashion inspiration, and to shop. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Ok, occasionally I’ll make a spread sheet or type something up in a Word document but really, my laptop is like one big expensive magazine and I like it.

1.) This is my homepage. Not Google, not CNN, not Yahoo … I live for this site. It’s like food to me. Where else would I keep up with all of the latest trends and all the happenings on the runway?


2.) Net-a-Porter: Shopping mecca. This site is pure genius. The site is clean, easy to navigate, and the buyers and in-house stylists are on point. I also really enjoy reading their online magazine.


3.) Fashionista: My morning ritual includes a cup of green tea and Fashionista. I consider the equivalent to the morning newspaper.


4.) Fashion Week Daily (now called Daily Front Row): My favorite part of fashion week is getting The Daily. This site brings me that same joy daily. It’s like the fashion version of US Weekly but more informative and less trashy, of course.


5.) Fashion Copious: It’s like looking at every great fashion editorial in every great fashion magazine all in one happy place.


6.) Jak & Jil Blog: My favorite street style photography blog, hands down.


7.) Refinery 29: You never know what kind of good little nuggets you will find on Refinery 29. Plus they have blogged about me in the past, so that automatically puts them on the list!


8.) Racked LA: My go-to spot for local sales and fashion news.


9.) The Cut: I stop by The Cut every now and again for fashion news, runway shows, trends, and other goods reported by New York Magazine.


10.) Trendland: Another fashion drool fest! Great editorials, fashion illustration, and design all in one place.


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