Fashiongasm!!! $2 Sale

Wow, I just experienced a rush like you’d never believe!! I scored a Proenza Schouler runway dress for $2. Yes, you read correctly … $2. How? The’s $2 sale, that’s how. I missed the sale last year because I was working but this year I set my alarm clock and was ready to shop at 8am. Nice!!


I started by clicking on the special $2 link, then I entered in my dress size and my shoe size. I shopped at warp speed from the selection that would fit me.

It was intense.

Items go so fast during the sale, there isn’t really time to think (yes I am getting this deep about a sale). I scanned through the items and didn’t see any total must haves (nothing I would pay full retail for) but clearly I was getting something. There were three items that I dug … a Celine trench coat (clicked on it and it was already sold out), a floor length Rick Owens vest (when would I ever wear that), and a Proenza Schouler runway dress (I already have that same dress in another fabrication and color).

My mind raced and I didn’t want to risk making another site scan in fear of losing everything. So I decided on the Proenza dress. Why if I already basically have the same dress??? Well because the dress I have is SO good. I wear it all the time. The one I have is in a thick white material with black leather trim and straps. Oh snap … here is a picture of me in it. One side note, I did get the one that I have on custom fit by a tailor. I will probably do the same to my $2 dress.

lukeee-0752-2With Luke from School Of Style

As you can see the new one I bought for $2 has a leather bustier and a green satin bottom. Totally different but in a similar cut so I know it will look amazing on me. Yay!! I’m so happy.


PS- I love how the Outnet doesn’t charge shipping for this sale either. This was a straight $2 transaction. So far my best sale score to date!!!

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  1. That’s amazing! I’ve seen the $2 sale before but I was too late. I hope to make the next one and congrats on your purchase you lucky gal :))

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