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A few weeks ago I took another trip to New York City to attend a Style For Hire workshop with Stacy London. If you aren’t familiar with Stacy London then shame on you 😉 No seriously, Stacy is a totally awesome stylist who many people to know from the show What Not Wear. Anyways, Stacy and her business partner Cindy have created this genius business called Style For Hire. In short, Stacy trains and hand selects an army of stylists to style real women around the country.

So I went to this packed workshop for the sole purpose of learning from the personal stylist expert. However, after learning about the network … I wanted in! So after a weekend on styling education and challenges we all left wondering “Is she going to pick me?” After a week of wondering I got the news that I was selected as “one of the best from the bunch” to be a stylist in the network. SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!!

I am so honored to be a part of this talented group of stylists. Here are a few pics from the event …

style for hire pink team

We were all divided up into teams during the workshop. Here is my team … The Pink Team!

lauren messiah and stacy londonStacy and me!! Love her YSL boots. LOVE THEM!!

4 thoughts on “Style For Hire with Stacy London”

  1. hey Lauren- From one fellow style blogger/aspiring stylist to another I wanted to ask you — didn’t see a personal place to contact you directly — but I am thinking of signing up for Style for hire workshop in August- but its quite expensive… in your opinion, is it worth spending over $1000?? And since you got picked, how is that experience going? so curious


  2. I just learned about Style for Hire. I’ve been a fan of Stacy London’s for a really long time so I’m really excited that she started this business. I’ve been helping people as a hobby for years and would like to turn professional. Can you please let me know how I would contact Stacy and sign up for these trainings/ workshops?

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