Barney’s Warehouse Sale … New York Edition

I am in NYC and of course, just had to stop into the Barneys Warehouse Sale. There was only 45 minutes to shop (which is basically nothing) but I made it work. I headed straight to the shoe department and boy am I glad I did. The shoes were take an extra 70% off the lowest marked price. That’s INSANE!!! In LA the final markdown is an puny extra 50% off. LAME in comparison.

Anyways … I totally dominated. Bitches were crazy in there but I managed to leave with four pairs of shoes. And btw, nothing I purchased was over $200. The most expensive shoe I got was $192. Yep! And because I am psycho, I figured out how much my total (before tax) would be if I paid retail. Ready for this? $4,225. I love a good deal.

Here is what I got. I am so in love.





Alexander Wang


Sigerson Morrison

4 thoughts on “Barney’s Warehouse Sale … New York Edition”

  1. Love reading but it usually takes a lot for me to go through the hassle of posting any comment, anywhere.
    But on this post, I just had to say: “well done”. If only I had known!

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