I Went With the Muse

I realized how rude it was of me to ask you all which bag I should get, Muse or Lover, and then not tell you which one I went with. BTW, I got the bag months ago … How rude, huh?

Anyways … I went with the Muse and I love it!!

I stalked eBay for days (and days, and days) looking for a Muse or a Lover in black. I ended up finding this amazing Muse for a great price (and yes it’s real I had it authenticated) in cracked gold. I know, not even close to black but gold is a neutral to me. The bag is so gorgeous!! Its HUGE too, which is something I didn’t anticipate but the massive size has served me well.

Here is what the bag looks like … Well kinda, the gold I have is darker (see the close ups below):


The color:



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