Best Product Ever: Clarisonic Plus


I haven’t blogged in about 90 years but I am so excited about my new toy, that I just had to log on and say something …

Let me start by saying, my skin is constantly tweaked. I have had some sort of skin issue since I was a teenager. Don’t get it twisted I’m not on a pizza face level but at 30 years old, I’m a little tired of the breakouts and the dark spots. So I went to the dermatologist  for the first time last week. She prescribed me a topical cream and also recommended I buy the Clarisonic.

Now I have heard all of the rave reviews about the Clarisonic for years but I never once considered purchasing one.  Silly me because this product is incredible!! My face has never felt cleaner. I don’t think I can ever go back to washing my face with my hands ever again.

I purchased the dopest model, the Clarisonic Plus, which comes with the body attachment. Um, amazing!! I used it in the shower this morning and I’m totally hooked.

Basically I am no beauty expert and can’t spout out all the specs and fancy BS like that, but trust me … BUY THIS!!!

One thought on “Best Product Ever: Clarisonic Plus”

  1. Hey, I have a clarisonic. I was as obsessed with it as you were. I used it too much (every day) and my over-use gave me breakouts. I never had breakouts or any skin problems before I used it, but I got it to just keep my skin healthy. So i suggest not using it every day, (three times a week at most probably) and dont use it when you currently have a break out because it spreads it. Your skin may be different than mine, but Im just trying to look out for you!

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