Help Me Choose: YSL Lover or YSL Muse

Decision making isn’t my strong suit. Sure I can make decisions for other people (quite easily actually) but when it comes to making a decision for myself … not pretty. Which brings me to the reason for writing this post. I need help deciding on a bag! As you know I am getting rid of my Gucci on ebay and am ready to step my game up with a new classic bag. I need this new bag to sustain me for a long period of time. After all, I can’t just go buy a luxury handbag every time my mood changes (that’s where shoes come in).

When I began my hunt for my new fabulous handbag, I was clueless. Probably because I don’t spend a lot of energy obsessing over bags. I spend the majority of my time obsessing over shoes and clothing 🙂 BUT when I was outlet shopping  during the epic road trip that I took last month, I found the perfect bag for me. The bag for me was the YSL Lover bag. It was at the YSL outlet in Palm Desert and it was pretty inexpensive (for a YSL). Not inexpensive enough to warrant an impulse buy so I left it at the store. About 45 minutes later and too far along to turn back, I realized that I needed that bag!!!

I’ve been obsessing ever since. Obsessing for me includes looking at the bag online for extended periods of time and searching on ebay for a good deal. Through my bag stalking activities I started to lust after the YSL Muse bag as well. So here comes my dilemma … I love both bags and need to come to a decision.


The Lover

485-2000644-153959c6d0g_blackThe Muse

Ugh, they are both so timeless and gorgeous. I just can’t decide. Will you help me??!!! Tell me which bag you would choose in the comments section.  Thx!!

10 thoughts on “Help Me Choose: YSL Lover or YSL Muse”

  1. Definitely hands down The Muse. It not only looks reliable, sturdy and sophisticated. I’m sure the bag will pay for itself from the looks of how practical it seems!

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