Bye, Bye Bags … I am Now An eBay Addict

I successfully sold my Gucci on eBay and now I am officially hooked! I think I have finally gotten over my fear of eBay and am going to start regularly selling more awesome goodies on there (I say that now, lets see what happens in a couple of weeks). Anyways … I have listed two more bags from my collection that are taking up precious space in my closet. They can be added to your closet if you are the high bidder!!

#1- My Fendi Baguette: I’m not sure why I keep brown bags in my closet when I wear a black and gray based wardrobe. Oh well, it was a good idea at the time and now its time to pass this bag on to someone who appreciates brown more than I do. Starting bid is $99 or you can buy it now for $199


#2- Linea Pelle Dylan Bag: This bag served me well for the time we had together but these days I carry far too much to have such a tiny bag. This is a really great bag and I am opening the bid at $75 or you can buy it now for $150.


More pics of both on eBay.

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