The Art of Bargain Shopping

There are some things that I am great at, one of those things is bargain hunting. I have a deep love for designer clothes and I don’t always have the means to fulfill that deep love. I never let money get in the way of my style, which is why I have really honed in my bargain hunting skills. Also, as a stylist you kind of see how quickly clothing turns over and paying retail is just plain ridiculous. There are bargains to be had out there, so why not go get them?

People ask me all the time how I get such great deals and they also ask if I can go shopping with them. Well I can’t go shopping with you but I can shop for you. I can also give you some great resources for snagging a good deal.

So how did I score a $1,000 Marc Jacobs dress for $70? How did I get a $1500 Proenza Schouler dress for $100? What about those $975 Givenchy shoes I nabbed to under $200? The answer is simple, bargain shopping my friend!! Here are my bargain shopping hot spots and some tips on how get a good deal …

loehmann_spng1.) Loehmanns: This store is the best! I shop at the Beverly Hills location. They get GOOD stuff. Of course with any bargain shopping store, some days are better than others but I pretty much always have a good day at this location. The designer backroom is the place to be. I have scored Helmut Lang,  Maison Martin Margiela, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs runway and more. Get their gold card to get 10% off every purchase. They also send you a gang of coupons in the mail.

342032.) Century 21: This is my NYC shopping hot spot. It’s like Loehmanns on crack. I cleaned up (you can read about my deals here). Where else can you get Lanvin at 90% off? Nowhere, that’s where.

2010_07_bwssale3.) Barney’s Warehouse Sale: I had ignored the warehouse sale for years before I decided to go. This sale is the best sale ever! I spent 6 hours at the sale on the first day and 2 hours there on the last day.

4.) Outlets: Outlet shopping is a great stop when you are on a road trip. When you see that giant sign from the freeway, its like a sign from above telling you to shop. I used to get sucked into to all of the outlet stores but now I just stop into the big hitters like Barneys, Saks, and a few of the designer boutiques. Obviously Barneys is the best. They even have sales on top of the bargains, like an extra 60% off.

5.) Nordstrom Rack: I don’t always get lucky here. Its actually like 2 out 10 times will I really score. I did go last week and scored pretty nicely. I got a bunch of Elizabeth and James items on the cheap and I scored that Marc Jacobs dress (originally $1000 for $70). Its the deals like that, that make you weed through the crap.

824338397_e551bcde3a6.) Wasteland and other designer resale shops: Wasteland used to piss me off, mostly because I only sold things there and they didn’t always welcome my old crap with open arms. Now since I’ve actually started using Wasteland as a shopping resource, I am sold. Great designer duds on the cheap. The Wasteland on Melrose has some really great deals if you live in LA.

ac_web_gilt_017.) Online: I do spend a lot of time on the computer, which often leads to a little online shopping. My best deal resource tends to be You can sign up for their sale alerts, which alerts you when the brands you love are having sales. I also find great items on Gilt. I am a member of all of those 24 hour sale sites but Gilt really has the best designer gear. I also keep my eye on The Outnet, Net-a-Porter’s sale-savvy sister site.

So there you have it, all of my secret sale spots. Now go get some great deals and don’t forget to tell me all about what you find.

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