Shopping: Deals, Deals, Deals

Ugh, I can’t resist a deal. Here are a few of my recent designer deals. Definitely going on a shopping fast for a while. Well … I can’t make any promises in NYC.

YOOX: I have always seen but honestly I never really gave the site a chance. Silly me. This site is riddled with deals. I found a ton of designer shoes for cheap, cheap, cheap. I’m talking Givenchys for $79. Insane. After putting a lot of shoes in my cart, then taking them out, and then putting them in again … I landed on one pair of Balenciagas that should be here any day now.

They originally retailed for about $500. They were marked down to $160 when I made the decision to pull the trigger. Then something wonderful happened … They disappeared from my shopping cart. I was pissed, I assumed they sold out. I did a quick search to find them and their new price. They were marked down again!! Making the final price $119. Add free shipping to the mix and I am one happy camper. I am going to wear them this fall with black opaque tights and a little mini dress.

balenciaga shoes

Ssense: This is another recently discovered site that is totally awesome. They carry all of my favorite brands and when I shopped the site they had a great sale selection. You know I love a deal.

I ended up purchases this great Margiela bodysuit for under $100. I don’t know what it is but I just love that print. I actually bought it thinking it was a tee shirt but as it turns out, its a bodysuit. I will most likely wear this as a shirt but I can see it as a bodysuit with black tights and thigh boots … Maybe that’s better suited for a photoshoot.

mm6 margiela bodysuit

Loehmanns: My favorite store ever in life. When I was shopping there last week I saw this cute Chloe skirt on the clearance rack for like $60. I tried it on and didn’t end up buying it. Although I did buy a hot little Margiela skirt for $60 (yellow, plaid, mini … I can’t find a picture).

Of course a week later I realize that it will look totally awesome with a thin black tank. So I hustle back to the store assuming someone else would have probably snatched it up. I mean, its a Chloe skirt for $60. I think it retailed at $600. Well, lucky me because it was still there. So I got it. I think it may need a trip to the tailor to make it a bit shorter.

chloe patent leather skirt

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