H&M Finds: September 2010

My recent discovery of H&M not sucking has turned me into a H&M regular. Its just kinda fun rolling in there to see what you might unearth. I actually had to make a major H&M excursion for a recent styling job and couldn’t help but to pick up a few things for myself on my return day.

The amazing thing about H&M is that you can buy a whole damn wardrobe for a couple hundred bucks. I got a bunch of stuff. I couldn’t find pictures of everything online but I did find a few pics …


I couldn’t resist this studded bustier. It was only $34.95 and will be useful for photo shoots. I can also see it working under a blazer and paired with some boyfriend jeans … you gotta take the sexy down a notch or two with this top.


They also had a bunch of the BlackBook for H&M tees on sale for $10. A silly tee is a wardrobe staples for gloomy days where you just want to be cozy. In fact, I am wearing mine right now with an H&M black hoodie and Helmut Lang leggings.


Yep, I got all this stuff too (plus a bunch more things that aren’t pictured). Out of this bunch my favorite item is definitely the leather shorts. I wear them all the time and get a ton of compliments on them. They are also filling the void for the 3.1 Phillip Lim leather shorts that I REALLY want (please go on sale, please go on sale).

I also really like the navy and grey military style jacket. So amazing! The over-sized white button down will also come in handy. The other items are just fun filler. They are great for those lazy days when you want to look cute but still be comfy.

So that’s that. I’m going to try to stay away from H&M until the Lanvin lines comes out. I am just really curious to see whats there. Not looking forward to the madness. You know everyone in SoCal will be packed inside the Beverly Center for that.

2 thoughts on “H&M Finds: September 2010”

  1. ha ha ha dying at this –> ” My recent discovery of H&M not sucking has turned me into a H&M regular.” I SO AGREE! I saw the same top and LOVED IT!

    Next they need to get an e commerce store and a collection for us plus girls… ya know since run in Euro sizes. Is that too much to ask for?!?!?! Way to get it together H and M!

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