Wasteland: Not a Waste Afterall


My opinion of Wasteland, a designer re-sale store, was pretty nasty in the past but then again a lot of my opinions were pretty nasty in the past 🙁 I thought that the salespeople were snooty and picky when they didn’t buy all of my old crap. However, recently my opinion changed.  Now I can clearly see that the salespeople weren’t being picky they were clearly doing their jobs, and well.  How did I come to this shocking realization? I actually shopped for clothes at Wasteland while waiting my turn in line to sell items from my closet. Yep, I took a pretty long cruise around Wasteland on Melrose (their staff has always been kind, Santa Monica location still kinda iffy) and was delighted with what I found.

I only looked through the designer racks because I’m just not interested in hand-me-downs from H&M. Don’t get me wrong, I love H&M but I love it more when its right from the store. On the designer racks I found Rick Owens, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Comme des Garcons, Helmut Lang, and even Chanel.

I probably tried on a dozen things (helpful tip don’t trust the mirror inside the dressing room, walk over to the three-way mirror) and ended up walking away with three awesome gems: a YSL jacket, a Mason Martin Margiela dress, and a Dolce & Gabanna top.

Sure I ended up spending more than I sold but it was refreshing to get all that old stuff out of my closet, only to put some better old crap in its place 😉

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