Helpful Hint: Get a Good Tailor


I’ve been telling everyone to get a good tailor for a long time but honestly, I’ve never really practiced what I preached. Until now. And holy smokes having a good tailor in your back pocket is awesome!!!!! AWESOME!!!

With all of the latest shopping trips that I’ve been on, I’ve purchased quite a few pieces that didn’t fit me perfectly. Usually I would have just dealt with it or I wouldn’t have bothered buying them. However since I’ve been styling and get things tailored for other people pretty frequently, I was able to see the light and the magic.

I took armful of pieces to my tailor Marina and she worked it! For $130 I have some sick pieces that now fit me like a glove. My custom made leather pants that were too long = perfect. My Rick Ownens jeans that were too big in the waist = perfect. My Proenza Schouler dress that took long for me because I am not a super model = perfect. Ditto on my Margiela dress. The Givenchy dress that was on sale for $125 (from around $2k) at Barney’s because of a broken zipper is now perfect and it only cost me $20.


My Margiela dress, which now fits me like it’s supposed to

I am so in love. Everything is going to the tailor now. I am hooked.

So moral of this blog post, if you don’t have an amazing tailor … go get one!!

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