Yay! Barney’s Sale in NYC


It’s no secret that Barney’s has fast become my favorite store ever in life. Whenever there is a sale (or a styling job with a budget) you can bet I will be at Barneys.  You can’t be in New York without hitting the Barneys in New York right? Right.

The Barneys in NYC is massive. It is 8 floors of magic and the store is split in half — longways. That means 8 floors for the gals and 8 floors for the guys. Amazing!

Luke and I spent a few good hours in there. During that time we spotted Axl Rose from Guns n Roses, Luke scored a Dior tie, and I scored a pair of Marni flats.


Marni gold flats, originally $556 on sale for $229. Booyah! They are going to go so nicely with new wardrobe.


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