Shoe Sale-ing

Over the past few months I have been doing some MAJOR closet cleaning. Like a serious out with the old type of thing. No more hot pink, no more Betsey Johnson, no more flowers, no more tulle, and buh-bye bows … That part of me is gone. The clothes have been phasing their way out of my closet for months and the other day it was finally time to get rid of the shoes. It wasn’t as hard as I thought but I did end up getting rid of a LOT of shoes.

Like the majority of my shoes.

I was reminded that all the empty shoe space in my closet would eventually be filled up with better/more awesome shoes. How true was that?! Yesterday was sale shopping day and lets just say … I scored!!!

First stop was the Decades 2 sale on Melrose. All of the shoes were $150 or less. I wasn’t one of the pyschos who waited in line all morning for the deals. I just wandered in hours after the sale started. Even with my sale tardiness, I still scored. I found three great pairs of shoes (Prada boots, Giuseppe peep toe pumps, and Lanvin sneakers). I resisted the urge to get all three and just ended up with the Lanvin sneakers. I have wanted these shoes for a LONG time but the $600 price tag made them out of the question. Thanks to this sale, I got them (in silver) brand new for $150.

lan21rbaifrebei_2Next it was off to Maxfield Bleu in Beverly Hills for their big sale. The sale was ridiculously awesome, especially the shoe selection. If I had more money I would have bought at least 6 pairs. I ended up with 2 pairs. 2 fabulous pairs of shoes, both by Givenchy.

Givenchy Shoe #1 -originally $775, mine for $199

givenchy-01Givenchy Shoe #2- originally $995, mine for $239


Both shoes are seriously sick!!! They are so sexy and so comfortable. My shoe game has seriously increased. Love!!

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