Adventures in Styling: Ok Go Shoot

ok go

If you asked me 6 months ago to style a guy I would probably either a.) run screaming or b.) say “I don’t do that”.  Today, after styling a ton of bands and other famousy dudes I am actually finding that I really enjoy it. I used to think that all mens clothes were the same and there wasn’t much to them but today I am finding that mens clothes are awesome. In fact, I am finding that I shop for myself in the mens department sometimes 🙂

My most recent adventure in styling men was for the band Ok Go. I assisted on an editorial shoot with the band last month. The gig was pretty simple. The band only had one look (one look for each member) and they were really chill and laid back — we like that.

My favorite look out of the four that we created is definitely the lead singer. He wore a suit by a company called Shades of Grey. Fit him perfectly and just looked really cool overall.

ok go

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