Adventures in Styling: Genlux BritWeek Fashion Show

matthew williamson smashbox

On Saturday after a LONG day of work, Luke and I hit the Genlux BritWeek fashion show at Smashbox Studios. I did NOT want to go. At all. Not because I don’t love fashion shows and Smashbox Studios but because I was so tired and had nothing to wear. Yes me, nothing to wear. If I don’t have an outfit planned out a week in advance I go into a total fashion tailspin.

Basically I threw a classic fashion hissy fit in front of my bedroom mirror. You know … the ‘I look fat and should probably just stay home’ kind of fit. Yep totally disgusting girl stuff. I did end up making it out of the house. Of course I changed out of my awesome dress and into the same old crap I always wear — a black jersey dress and a leather jacket.

The event was a both a a tribute to Alexander McQueen and a fashion show for designer of the year, Matthew Williamson. I have to say, some pretty amazing stuff went down the Matthew Williamson runway.

All in all it was a nice end to a very long day. Actually, the cookies we got at Milk after was the nicest part. Yeah I guess I got over my ‘I’m too fat’ spell.


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