Help Me Choose! Louboutin vs Jimmy Choo

Breaking News!!! Breaking News!! I wear flats now. Yes, I never thought I’d see the day. The day that I broke my daily devotion to heels and slipped on a nice pair of flats. I guess its my new line of work or my new found desire to eliminate superficial self-torture. Whatever the case may be, I am a flats girl and am now obsessed with designer and awesome sneakers.

A few nights ago I fell in love with the Christian Louboutin studded high tops. In LOVE!!! The next day when I went on Net-a-Porter to take another look, they were sold out. What gives. I am so upset. Sure I have no business spending $785 on sneakers but I would actually get to wear them more than twice (like my other over priced designer shoes). I hunted around online for another place that sells them and the only other place is Saks and they are $835 there. Bummer.


I felt down but not out, so I looked online for some other cool designer sneakers. Then I came across a pair by Jimmy Choo. They are much more versatile since they aren’t studded and they are way cheaper at $495. They are on sale at Nordstrom for pre-order. I am thinking they might be the ones. My comfortable, designer, patent leather pieces of awesomeness.


What do you all think?

1.) I am insane for paying $795 or $495 for shoes

2.) The Louboutins are the clear winner and must join the rest of the shoes in my closet

3.) The Jimmy Choos are better and cheaper and should have a spot in my closet

Leave your thoughts in the comments section please. I would love to hear what you all think.

13 thoughts on “Help Me Choose! Louboutin vs Jimmy Choo”

  1. The Louboutin’s are super cute. you would be the coolest kid on the block with those shoes. lol! If you’re gonna spend 700 something bucks for a shoe, I would go with the Louboutins.

    The Jimmy Choos are cute, but there’s nothing really special about them. You can probably find something similar, but for cheaper…

    so I say go with the Louboutins.

  2. I’m gonna go against everybody because I think the Jimmy Choos are a better choice. Like you said, they are definitely more versatile, and they have a lot of style. Its just a bit more subdued! Plus the studs are really trendy now, but I wouldn’t pay 800 bucks for something that could go out of style in a couple years because it will take longer tahn that to get your money’s worth out of those shoes! A 300$ price difference is pretty big.
    Although… you don’t want to buy the Choos as a consolation prize just because they’re cheaper. If the you love the Lous so much that they’re always gonna be in the back of your mind then you should just take the plunge and buy them!

  3. Definitely go with the Louboutins! So much more interesting than the Jimmy Choo’s. They’re def worth the extra money.

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