Denim Drive: Tyler Skye Jeans

tyler skye jeans

As a self-proclaimed denim junkie I often get bored with your average piece of denim. Don’t get me wrong, I get a real thrill out of finding the perfect pair of dark wash jeans but sometimes I want something more …

Wanting more means paying more a lot of the time and paying more on trendy denim isn’t always the smartest thing. Did I really need a $200 pair of acid wash jeans? Probably not. With that being said, I still want the fun denim but I want that denim at a fair price. Enter, Tyler Skye.

I test drove a few pairs of Tyler Skye jeans (thank you TS) last week and loved them. Affordable denim (I’m talking like under $40 affordable) that fit well and looked fantastic. Tyler Skye jeans are cut in junior sizes so you may want to go a size up when purchasing. In women’s denim I am a size 27/size 4 and in Tyler Skye jeans a size 5/6 fit me perfectly.

This is the pair that I rocked last week:


Here are a few of my other Tyler Skye favorites (I wore the pair in the middle on the way to Coachella last week):


tyler skye 2

tyler skye jeans 3

Like what you see? Check out Tyler Skye’s site right now!!

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