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When I was asked to test out a pair of Bubblegum USA jeans a few weeks ago, I was immediately taken on a trip down memory lane. I wore Bubblegum USA jeans back in the day. In fact, I have a pretty funny(ish) story about my pair of Bubblegum jeans …

I got my first pair of Bubblegum’s while I was in college I believe. They had flare legs with faded thighs in a pinkish hue — that was seriously HOT back in the day. Anyways, I wore them constantly. I loved the way they sat low on my hips and somehow managed to match everything.

Fast forward to the summer after my college graduation. I tried to slip into my favorite pair of Bubblegum’s back on and hold the phones … they didn’t fit!! You see, I gained the freshman 15 (or more) a little late. Once I realized that those jeans didn’t fit, I made a life change. I took myself to the nearest gym, got a personal trainer, and started eating healthy. I never did go back to those pair of jeans but I did lose the weight and became a heck of a lot healthier. That is why Bubblegum USA holds a special place in my heart. OK moving on.

bubblegum usa jeans

Today flared pinkish jeans aren’t in style anymore but skinny jeans certainly are. I test drove a pair of skinnies from Bubblegum and not only did they fit but they looked as amazing as my favorite jeans of the past looked. Super comfortable and super affordable (helloooo … $35 at

If you want to see what Bubblegum is all about, check out their website for more information.

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  1. Thank you for posting about them! i have a pair of Bubblegum USA jeans, that my mom used to wear in 2005 when she was a size 0, Now im a size 0 and these jeans are my favorites, but i cant find the Bubblegum brand anywhere. Ive been looking for them and finally found this. Yay!

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