Adventures in Styling: Back from Coachella!


Well, I made it back from Coachella in one piece. The whole experience was fantastic! Lots of work, great people watching, and I even managed to slip in some time for relaxation (worked on my tan by the pool). I will post about the bands we styled later this week, but for now here is how the trip/job went down …

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday = Prep days!! It took us three days to prep this job.  A lot of clothes are needed when you have 14 bands to style. We hit pretty much every showroom in the LA area. And as usual we pulled too much. So Wednesday night was spent editing the clothes so we could fit everything into the car. As you can see it was a tight squeeze.


Thursday = Off to Palm Springs!! After our final bit of prep work we headed off to Palm Springs. Stopped at the outlets for a bit of shopping on the way (we couldn’t resist). All I have to say is that the Barney’s outlet is my best friend. Some fashionable goodies were purchased and carefully stuffed into the back of the car.

After the shopping break, it was off to a sweet condo in Palm Springs. Check out the view from one of  the balconies 🙂


Friday/ Saturday/Sunday = Working the festival!! We had backstage passes to the festival, which made for a really cool experience. Our set up was next to all of the artists trailers and there were all sorts of celebrities wandering around. Not to mention tents with comfy couches and coconut water galore (I am obsessed with coconut water).


Sunday night = Sight seeing!! This was my first Coachella so after we finished styling we went to see the freaky sights at Coachella. Everything was really cool but I have to say, the people watching aspect was my favorite part. Btw, 99% of the people attending Coachella were wearing Ray Bans. Just sayin …


Well that’s all I have for now, more to come on Coachella styling magic later on.

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