The BIG Closet Clean Out/ Sale


For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you probably have noticed that I have been getting rid of a LOT of stuff lately. I am just sick of having so much “stuff”. I had WAY too many clothes in the closet and they just had to go.

For the past month or so I’ve been taking bags and bags of things to Goodwill and throwing a ton of stuff away too. It felt damn good. However in the past week or so I’ve decided to be ridiculously honest with myself and finally got rid of some clothes that needed to go — all of my bubble gum, girly-girl, too-sexy, teeny bopper (but totally awesome still), shit that doesn’t even fit me anymore clothes.

The end result is a one cleaned out closet!! I can actually see in there. There is actually space between garments. Its a freaking miracle!!! Maybe this is just part of my journey to shed my former self  or perhaps I’m *gulp* growing up (its about fucking time). Whatever it is, it feels good … Point is getting rid of old means two things:

1.) I get to rebuild my wardrobe!!

This time its only going to be quality/awesome pieces that will stay with me forever. I actually went to Barneys and the Barneys outlet this week and SCORED big time!!! The new wardrobe is looking good already.

2.) You all get my old clothes!!! Yep, I am selling all (OK, most) of my old Betsey clothes on eBay.

I listed a few things today and I will be listing more throughout the week. So keep checking back.

Here is the link to my eBay store. Happy shopping!!!

PS- I’ve got all size in the store. My yo-yo dieting/ post college weight gain really comes to light through this store. LOL! I’ve got size zeros to size eights. I kid you not.

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