Sprung on Siwy


Not sure if you all knew this about me, but I am kind of an extremist. Especially when it comes to clothing. If I find a tee shirt I like, I buy twelve of them. It’s almost like I temporarily forget that washing machines exist or that a black tee shirt will never present itself to me ever again. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy but its how I operate.

Point of that rant is that I’ve recently pointed my obsession towards Siwy jeans. I bought one pair a few months back and was hooked so I bought two more pairs. Then I went off an bought another pair. NOW I am ripe and ready to get two more pairs.

I can’t help it. They fit like a dream and are super-stylish. Sure in a few months my Siwy acid wash jeans will be laughed right out of my closet, along with my Siwy sequin jeans but whatever — right now they make me happy.

The next pair(s) of jeans on Siwy roster are the Siwy Alice Boyfriend Jean and the Swiy Hannah Cropped Jean in Black. I think these will last a bit longer in the denim rotation. Pretty excited about that too.

One thought on “Sprung on Siwy”

  1. where do you buy these jeans?

    I am the same way. If I find something I like, I get a little crazy and have to buy multiples of it. lol.

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