How To Remove Wrinkles from Faux Leather?


Q- How can I remove the wrinkles from my faux leather jacket?

A- Wrinkles and leather, especially faux leather is tough. I have a little cheapy faux leather vest that I acquired from a shoot and it has a nasty little perma-wrinkle in it. Here is what DOES NOT work: steaming it and ironing it straight on. Here is what DOES work :

1.) Ironing it with dry heat (no steam) with a sheet or a tee shirt in between the iron and the jacket.


2.) Throwing it in the dryer for a bit, then laying it flat and weighing it down with something heavy for a few hours.

Those tricks work well for me. If anyone else has some tips, please leave it in the comments section.

One thought on “How To Remove Wrinkles from Faux Leather?”

  1. I put my faux leather jacket in the dryer on low to medium setting for about 15 minutes and it came out “unwrinkled”.

    Thank you!

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