Forever 21 Finds (Yeah, I Can’t Believe it Either)


I am not a fan of Forever 21. It’s knock off city and cheap clothes just aren’t a wise investment. Not only are cheap clothes a waste of money (better to spend more on pieces that will last forever) but they are also bad for the environment (very wasteful). BUT with that being said, I’ve had to make a trip or two Forever 21 recently. Why? Well to stock up on the stylist kit.

I talk about this kind of styling kit here but basically its just some random pieces that stylists carry around to aid them on shoots. Getting cheapy costume jewelry and basics from ghetto mall stores is a good way to stock up the kit without breaking the bank. You also might visit stores like this when you have a job that has no budget. So you go spend a little of your own money for accessories that will look good on camera.

This is what happened to me a few week ago. I had a job with no budget and needed some little accessories to supplement the clothes. So I went to Forever 21, H&M, and a few other spots. The stuff I didn’t use from these stores I returned. The thing with Forever 21 is, you only get store credit.

Yesterday I spent some of that store credit … on me (saving the rest of an upcoming job)! For $70 I got a motorcycle sweatshirt, a cool sweatshirt vest, a tee shirt  (all in plain black to prevent them for looking from looking dirt cheap), a belt, a necklace, and a headband. I have to say, I think I did pretty well. The stuff  I picked up is pretty versatile and since its plain, I will be able to wear the stuff a bit longer.

Go me, right?

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  1. I’m generally anti forever21, but sometimes a girl can really luck out like you did today and find some great stuff. their hair accessories are always a good buy!

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