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Q- Lately I’ve been getting really into wearing a lot of jewelery. I love really edgy, kind of rocker chick stuff. I have wanted to wear thumb rings for a while but didn’t know how to do it without them looking weird. What are some simple pieces that can be worn with anything?

A- I tried the thumb ring thing for a bit … not sure if it worked but I tried it. Basically I took a plain silver ring that was too big and wore it on my thumb. So as long as it’s pretty plain, you can rock it on the daily.

Now onto the meat of your question, rocker chic jewelry that can be worn with anything. Let me start by saying this, it can be done! I have three pieces that I wear every single day. In fact, I feel naked without them. The three pieces are (for now at least) are … my silver Betsey Johnson boyfriend watch, a black and gold Tarina Tarantino bracelet, and my crazy silver ring that reaches to my knuckle.

There really is no rhyme or reason to those pieces. They are just pieces that I like. So pick a few pieces that speak to you and rock em. That’s really it. Simple pimple.

Not so simple? Well if that is the case, here are a few pieces that I would rock on the daily that you  might enjoy too …

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