Unique Outerwear for Winter 2010


Q- I was hoping that you could help me find a unique winter jacket. I’m a high school student from New York City and I love fashion, but I have having trouble finding something in my (my parents) acceptable price range (which is about $250-$200 or less.) I am really open to anything, but I would especially love something unique.

A- Shopping for winter jackets … SO glad I don’t have to do that!!! Being in LA is so nice. OK, done bragging. But seriously, I don’t have a lot of experience shopping for outerwear this season, being in LA and all. The shops around here just don’t have that much to offer when in terms of clothes to keep you warm. My winter jacket wardrobe includes a dozen leather jackets and a few thick cardigans. However, I did look around online and found a few cute ones in your price range. Check em …

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