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Q– I feel myself stuck in an Ugg rut. Don’t get me wrong, despite what some may say, I will always love my Uggs (one tall, one short, and moccasins, don’t hate!), but I find myself in search of a more grown up shoe that’s durable enough for winter but not too “chiced up.”

I find myself hating most chunky, Native American Indian like booties, and instead leaning more toward “tough leather shoes,” such as a good pair of vintage (or vintage inspired) oxfords or little leather lace ups.

I’m a girl who used to live in her flats, come shine or come snow, but now that I’m in cyber school I rarely have to worry about my appearance or going out. Yes, I am a hermit and I like it! However, I do not want to fall into a “drab fab” state of mind, I want to stay the girl I used to be, style wise. Even if I’m dressed to impress much less often.

I wear a size 8.5 and have a narrow foot. Something I could pair with skinny jeans would be great, since that’s all that I own (and that fits right, as I am 5’8ish and only 100-110 some lb). I guess my legs are on the longer side. I want to know how to wear a flat, bootie, mid calf, and over the knee style boot/what I called “tough leather shoe” to flatter my figure and not accidentally shorten my legs as they are a feature I like.

Oh, and keep the heel 2 inches and under! I’m a klutz!

A- I can see how you could find yourself in an Ugg rut. In the winter I wear my black Uggs around the house as slippers. I can’t tell you how tempted I am to rock those suckers in public. Sometimes I do (to run to Whole Foods or Target) but I can usually force myself to put on regular shoes. The shoes I usually gravitate to for the tough and comfortable look are my Dr. Martens and my vintage Frye boots.

What I recommend to you are a pair of flat, suede, over the knee boots. You can wear these with skinny jeans, no problem. Since your legs are long, you will totally be able to pull them off. Something else you could handle would be a pair of mid-calf Dr. Martens. Those would look totally cute with little dresses and leather jackets (and with skinny jeans too). You could also get the best of both worlds with these boots (I TOTALLY want a pair myself, actually) by Jeffrey Campbell.

Here is a look for you to vibe off of:

Tom Ford at ShopStyle

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