Product Spotlight: 88 Orange


Lately I have really become a jeans and a tee shirt kind of girl. Granted, a good tee shirt and jeans type of girl with killer shoes and a banging leather jacket to match! I’m also the kind of girl that when I find something I like I buy 80 of them, especially tee shirts. There is nothing better than a comfortable tee that fits great.

Point is, I was introduced to a new company the other day called 88 Orange. The first thing that really drew me to the shirts was the fact that they are organic. The other thing that hooked me was the fact the shirts smelled freaking amazing!! Seriously, they are infused with the companies signature “blossom” scent. I wore one of their shirts yesterday and was sniffing myself all day.

Smells and organic-ness aside, the shirts look and fit great. I wore one of their long sleeved tees the other day while running around on set. I had clips and pins stuck to me and my shirt stayed looking nice. That is super important to me because I can’t stand it when tee shirts get all droopy throughout the day.

The tees are also nice and lightweight, which makes them perfect for layering (we love layering). So basically the shirts are the bomb. Learn more about 88 Orange on their site,

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  1. We wanted to thank you for your wonderful comments on our collection! Loved what you wrote and really appreciate that you took the time to write about us! Keep checking out 88 Orange as we have amazing new styles and colors going forward! Happy 2010!!!

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