My Latest Beauty Obsessions


As you all may know, I am making the switch to all natural/organic beauty products. I’m all natural/ organic (as much as I can) with my insides (food, etc), so I wanted the outsides to match. The truth is that most of what we put on the outside ends up on the inside.

So like a month or two ago I started really getting into the natural products and was planning on starting the switch slowly. Well, something came over me a few weeks ago and I got rid of pretty much all of my beauty products. So I had no choice but to start over. Oops!

I’ve already blogged about the majority of my finds (you can check them all out here too) but I haven’t talked about my most recent finds, which are all pretty bad ass …

Eco Beauty Queen
1.) Aztec Secret- Indian Healing Clay– Mix this clay with equal parts apple cider vinegar and slap it on your face. It’s a freaking miracle mask! I read about it on Amazon before purchasing and everyone who bought it loved it. Made my skin feel all tight and pretty, it also cleaned out my dirty pores with the quickness.
2.) Rose water- Perfumes are pretty harsh and way toxic. So I just spray a bit of this one after the shower. It’s a faint smell but it comes from the most bomb flower ever, roses.
3.) Burt’s Bee Acne Solutions- If you follow  me on Twitter, you will know that my recent alkaline water detox has made me break out like a 13 year old girl. This potion totally came to my rescue. Helps clear up your skin naturally.
4.) Yes to Carrots face wash- Just started using this and so far so good. Nothing about it is really that special, but it gets all of my makeup off and doesn’t make my skin all whack.
5.) Dr. Bronner’s almond soap- This is my FAVORITE of all the Dr. Bronner’s soaps (and yes, I’ve tried them all). This kind smells so freaking good. For reals.
6.) Botanics organic toner- I don’t even know what toner does, but apparently it does something. This one is infused with rose petals so it smells really nice too. Since using it, my skin is looking a lot more even — so maybe that’s what its supposed to do?
If anyone out there is into natural beauty. I would love some product suggestions in the comments section. If you don’t mind 🙂

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  1. I just want to say that I want to be like you when I grow up, lol! No seriously, about a year ago, I decided to stop relaxing my hair and I am trying to use all natural products on my hair. I still have a way to go on the internal portion. Anyway, you can use diluted Dr. Bronners (most people use lavender) as a shampoo. I also use Trader Joes lines. I have had great results HTH!

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