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Q- The Killers are set to go to the Philippines, and I’m one of the fortunate few that will be able to watch their concert on the 31st of January. This is actually my first time to go to a concert so I’m quite clueless on what to wear. If you happen to know The Killers (or maybe if you research on them) you’d find out that they’re not this heavy-metal-vomit-band. They’re pretty much cool. Just indie. And a bit geeky. Can you help me with an outfit? I don’t want to look that I’m trying too hard. And also, I think comfort is a must. I’m pretty sure I’d be jumping til I can to their songs.

A- Sweet! I love The Killers. You are going to have so much fun. Now when it comes to dressing for concerts, you really shouldn’t try to hard. I know, its hard not to try hard when you are really excited to go to an event, BUT try not to try … hard. OMG. That was a lot of tries. Shit.

Well with that being said. You need to go pretty casual without looking dumpy. You also need to remember that …

– You can’t wear heels because you will either a.) break an ankle or b.) get mocked by a gang of hipsters.

– You can’t wear a dress or a skirt because that is just plain foolish

Those are pretty much the only rules I think you need to follow. If I were you, I would wear skinny jeans, Converse, a cute tee, and a leather jacket or a really tricked out hoodie. Something like this …

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  1. Ahh, I love the Killers. It’s such a fun concert, and they sound absolutely amazing live. Anyway – the outfit looks pretty perfect, but I must say that shorts are probably a better idea than jeans. I know when I was at that concert, it was got pretty hot pretty fast, and jeans wouldn’t have been comfortable. Just a tip 🙂

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