I Need Sunglasses (Apparently) … So Help!


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So apparently I need new sunglasses.

Apparently mine suck.

So … I am asking you, the readers, to style me! Yeah, that’s right. You style me.

In the comments section, leave me a link to a pair of sunglasses that you think will look cool on me.

If I pick your sunglasses, I will send you a little prize. For realz. No idea what the prize will be yet but it will be something cool.

Thx. Now go start styling.

– L

19 thoughts on “I Need Sunglasses (Apparently) … So Help!”

  1. Yes! I’ve read about how you don’t really care about sunnies and will just buy a $10 pair or whatever. Well at least I hope that was you and I’m not confusing you with some other stylish Lauren.

    I’d say Tom Ford “Anouk” or if you don’t like cat eye (but omg have you seen the new cat eye’s from Prada for SS10) then maybe Michael Kors Corsica 586.

    I own the Chloe 2119 aside from sliding off on occasions they look amazing. Maybe they’d look good on your face.

    Right now I’m wanting the Anouk’s the Prada’s and the Balenciaga Bal 0011/S. I used to be really into buying designer sunglasses a long time ago. hahaha.

    Though I think I’d have to know what style of sunglasses you prefer in order to give you good suggestions since some people just don’t like big sunglasses etc.

  2. I would recommend a pair of Carrera’s, specifically the Champion style. It’s been popular with celebrities for a few years and they are not that expensive. They are a little tough looking but are definitely a uni-sex frame. I’d have to say that the white is the best.

    Here’s a link to my write up about Lady Gaga wearing them –

  3. For you, I picked:-

    (1) a great pair of Fendi Aviators will work for any occasion. They tend to look great on heart-shaped faces:

    (2) I love these. Just coz, sometimes a girl needs to have options. These Tom Ford Clothilde sunglasses are feminine with kind of a 70s vibe.


  4. I came across this sunglass brand called Super. Their sunglasses are so unique and completely awesome.

    My favorites:

    Luciano3 Occhi:

    Gals Creme: http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/collection/gals/199.jpg.php

    Francis Ciccio: http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/collection/ciccio/07_195.jpg.php

    Apollo Classic: http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/collection/classics/04_190_base_01.jpg.php

    The greatest thing about these sunglasses is that they don’t break the bank. They’re in about the same price range as Ray-Bans, some a little cheaper.

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