How to Wear: “Sophie” Shoes by Vans


Q- I’m loving the new “Sophie”shoes by Vans (the black & white saddle shoe version specifically), but I’m a little worried I’ll end up looking like I walked off the set of Happy Days. Any suggestions on how to style these shoes so it still looks modern?


A- Those shoes definitely have a modern/skater twist, so I don’t think you really run the risk of looking like you walked off the set of Happy Days. Unless of course you decide to wear a poodle skirt and cat eye glasses with them 😉

What I recommend is wearing them in a more “street” kind of style. Not like a “punk kid” street type of style, but more like a “Sienna Miller walking the streets London” kind of style. I would do something like this; skinny jeans, a fun sweater that has a pop of color, and a casual bag. Heck, I’d even top it all off with a blazer just to pull the look together.

Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle

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