How to Get Taylor Momsen’s Gossip Girl Look


Q- How do you get Jenny’s season 3 style of Gossip Girl???? Also thank you so much for your blog, its my favorite site and your responses are so helpful!!!!!!

A- I love Jenny Humphrey’s style in season 3. It’s her best look yet! She has that edgy, rocker-chic thing down. To get her look you can either buy what she wears on the show through my list on ThisNext or you can stock up your closet with the following pieces …

> Fishnets

> Ripped leggings

> Black and white stripes

> Fingerless gloves

> Mini skirts/ dresses

> Shoe booties

> Leather jackets

> Motorcycle jackets

> Lots of black

> Lots of gray

That list should get you started. Also, comb through images of her and add some of her favorite pieces to your shopping list.

Oh and thank you for the love!! Keep the questions coming.

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