Finding Assistant Stylist Work in NYC

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Q- I am an up and coming fashion stylist and I have a question for you.

As I am sure you know in this fashion world the grind is 24/7. I have been doing a lot to try and get myself out there as well as try to get as much experience as I can. I have definitely made some great steps, but I think the thing that would help me more and tie in everything I have been learning/doing is to work as an assistant to a stylist on a more consistent basis.

I have assisted a designer/stylist or two, but I have been having a hard time trying to find an avenue to look for stylist in NYC to help. I know there are so many different stylists and types of stylist. Its more about who you know than what you know. I get that, but I really just wanted to know if you knew some place I was not looking? I have been trying and I am definitly on my grind everyday, but it never hurts to get advice from a more experience stylist in the field such as yourself.

A- Getting into the world of styling isn’t easy. It takes a lot of working (hard) for little to no pay — that’s how you start. I actually started as Luke’s intern before I got the associate styling gig with him, which meant working for free. That is actually the best way to start off. Contact as many stylists that are based in NYC as you can and offer your services for free. Tell them you will do anything just to get some experience.

How do you find these stylists to offer your services to for next to nothing? A few places to look are at agencies, and in the editorial credits in magazines. Email the stylists directly, send letters to agencies. In this business, you kind of need to put your stalker hat on to get ahead.

Another place to look is Craigslist. Even if you aren’t qualified for some of the stylists gigs posted, just tell them that you will assist whoever they hire for free.

I hope those tips where helpful.  Remember, just get creative and stalk in a non-creepy/dangerous way 🙂 Good luck out there.

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