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Q- Lately I have fallen into a fashion rut. I work in a very casual, laid back office with basically no dress code (aside from “NO jeans!”, lol). I am one of the youngest member of the team and have started dressing like (*gasp*) a frumpy old lady. I’m only 26 and am visibly tattooed and pierced. Outside of work I still have my “edgy” look, but in the office … not so much. I’m stuck in yoga-pants hell. My question is, can you help me put together some office-worthy (but still a bit punk/edgy) looks? If it helps, I’m also quite tall (5’11”) and curvy. Thank you SO much!

A- OMG. Step away from the yoga pants!!! I repeat, step away from the yoga pants. Since you have such loose rules at your office (as far as clothes go) you never have to resort to yoga pants, ever. Try black jeans (those totally don’t count as jeans), black trousers, wear dresses, wear leggings with a tunic and a blazer, try skirts … anything but yoga pants.

OK, I’ll stop tearing into you about the yoga pants now 😉 But seriously, you’ve got mad options. I used to work in an office with a really laid back dress code. Basically I just wore whatever I wanted without revealing too many body parts.

For you, I would recommend an edgy “suit”. All that means is black pants and a rad black jacket. Nothing really suit like about it BUT you will be covered up and will look somewhat put together. Add a cool tee shirt and a scarf to look more age appropriate. I would also go with ballet flats, heels might make it look too much like you are going out on the town.

Hope that helps!

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