Dressing Up Without Dressing Dull


Q- I would like advice on some formal clothes that don’t look too much like I’m going to work. I have a common problem when I go out for meal with looking under dressed and also I am not a fan of high heels. So I would like to look smart, fashionable but practical. I don’t have a budget but it would be nice to get a bargain!

A- If you want to look office inappropriate, just add a touch of sex appeal to your look. Nothing raunchy, just a dash of subtle sexy. Try showing a bit of cleavage, or a little bit of leg — that will keep you from looking like you are going to work.

If sexy isn’t your thing or if you are too young for that, wear something a bit more playful. I love the idea of wearing a little black jumpsuit with jeweled flats out to dinner. You won’t be too dressy, you will still be comfortable, and you will be fashionable too.

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