Chic & Casual Office Attire

muji_thonet_1Q- I’m entering into an office internship in a couple weeks and I’m meeting the supervisor for the first time one on one. It’ll be a meeting more then an interview. I want to look clean but not too overdone like an interview. I have dark skinny jeans, suit pants, pencil skirt, cardigans, peacoats, booties, and flats. What can I do to look casual AND professional? Please help me make a good first impression!

A-You definitely have some great classic pieces to work with, that’s awesome! I think you should go with this look for a casual/chic office worthy homerun: Dark wash skinny jeans + white button down + stylish blazer + flats

Something along these lines …

Splendid at ShopStyle

Hope that helps and good luck with your new gig 🙂

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