Carry All Bag for the Fashionable

llbean_totesjpegQ- I am a 21 year old community worker/waitress/fashion enthusiast and on top of that I’m a full time college student. Needless to say I have a hectic schedule and I’m always on the run! I’ve recently been having trouble finding a fashionable bag that can double as a backpack. I need a bag that will fit my books but will still look cute and fit my student budget. I live right in the middle of nowhere so my only option is buying online. Any suggestions?

A- OK, normally I would recommend a slew of cute bags for you. Normally, I would never choose comfort or practicality over fashion … However in this case, I am. Why? Because this is the dopest bag in all the land and tons of fashion influencers choose this bag.

I am talking about the LL Bean boat tote. Seriously. Sure its plain and its from LL Bean but it is SO practical. I use mine everyday for everything. It can carry my laptop and paperwork, or it can carry my clothes as an overnight bag, it can even carry my kettlebells for when I head out to the park to work out … and those bitches are heavy.

Best part about this bag is the fact that is less than $25 (or more if you want it monogrammed). Go to LL to order it, so you can avoid LL Bean land in person 😉

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