Betsey Johnson Spring 2010 Collection


Q- So I was looking at Betsey Johnson’s spring 2010 collection and saw this dress(one on the right). I love it and I need it, but couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m not sure if it just isn’t available yet, or what. Please help me in the search! Also, I’m not totally sure what shoes to wear with it? Thanks a ton!

A- The link you sent opened up to the first page of the lookbook, so I don’t know if the dress on the cover is what you are looking for or what … But what I can tell you is that the spring 2010 collection isn’t available yet, but will probably start dripping out in stores and online the next few months.

You should also know that not all of the show pieces actually make it to the store. BUT when you go to your local Betsey you can ask the Betsey girls if you can see the line sheet book behind the counter. Then you can see what is coming into that store and when.

Hope that was helpful. As for the shoes, with Betsey dresses a Polly pump will  never do you wrong 🙂

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